Installing fpl

The recommended way to install fpl is via pip.

pip install fpl


Depending on your system, you may need to use pip3 to install packages for Python 3.

Updating fpl with pip

To update fpl you can run:

pip install --upgrade fpl

Example output:

Installing collected packages: fpl
  Found existing installation: fpl 0.1.0
    Uninstalling fpl-0.1.0:
      Successfully uninstalled fpl-0.1.0
Successfully installed fpl-0.2.0

Installing older versions

Older versions of fpl can be installed by specifying the version number as part of the installation command:

pip install fpl==0.2.0

Installing from GitHub

The source code for fpl is available on GitHub repository To install the most recent version of fpl from here you can use the following command:

$ git clone git://

You can also install a .tar file or .zip file

Once it has been downloaded you can easily install it using pip:

$ cd fpl
$ pip install .